Outstanding Benefits & Results

Disastrous Divorce To Priceless Relationship With Your Kids!

Divorce Can Destroy Your Kids!

  • Children who experience divorce are more likely to have issues with self-esteem and trust.
  • Children with divorced parents are twice as likely to dropout of high school than their peers with married parents.
  • Siblings of different ages have vastly different reactions to divorce! Younger kids in particular can experience many types of long-lasting difficulties.
  • Approximately 45 to 50% of children from divorced families do not receive adequate support or care.
  • Around 70% of divorces are initiated by women, Dad’s often feel stranded and abandoned trying to cope with the consequences.
  • Children of divorced parents are more likely to experience emotional, social, and academic difficulties.
  • “The Father Wound”, where kids with an unhealthy relationship with their father growing up have been linked to struggle with mental health conditions like depression, anxiety & more during adulthood.
  • Once a parent files for divorce communication can become almost impossible as mutual friends, family, and others in your life feel forced to take sides, withdraw, or disappear.
  • Divorce often intensifies guilt, anger, fear, frustration, and other negative emotions in kids and in parents.

Neither you, nor your kids have to fall prey to, or become victims of any of these or other negative divorce consequences! 

What the DDTPR Program Provides [1]

Priceless is Possible! 

The DDTPR program provides a POWERFUL unmatched PROPRIETARY combination of resources, activities, and support designed to help you grow, thrive, and create “priceless” relationships with your kids!

1. Personalized Care & Attention

  • DDTPR starts by getting to know you, your challenges, and your aspirations for being the best possible Mom or Dad.
  • DDTPR’s proprietary acceptance process includes our exclusive DDTPR Confidential Participant Questionnaire.[2]
  •  Live 1/1 Confidential Participant Intake Review with a qualified program facilitator to answer questions and help you and DDTPR facilitators' fully understand your goals before you start the program.

2. Exclusive tools, strategies, and action steps to help you rediscover & influence your kids. [3]

  • Exclusive tools, strategies and resources designed to help you identify and mitigate the fear, anger, frustration, and inertia that comes with divorce and separation from your kids.
  • Specific proven activities to help you see divorce through the eyes of your children so that you’ll be better prepared to take actions that help them recognize and resolve their challenges.
  • You’ll refresh, expand, deepen, and intensify everything you know, and everything you think you know about your kids, then learn to fill their needs their way.

3. Intensive support and guidance to improve your Effective Communication skills[4] and capabilities.

  • Better communication with your kids and your ex facilitates better outcomes and reduces stress in your life and in your kids’ lives.
  • When you see your kids for who they truly are, they’ll be able to see you as you truly are, their rock, their hero.
  •  Proven content adapted directly from H-C’s proprietary CNS Negotiation Framework.
  • Learn concrete tools & strategies for more effective communication with your ex or partner, learn how to influence their behavior and response(s) to you.

* Reduce or eliminate verbal &
physical conflicts that
damage your kids!

* Create behavioral triggers
to reduce stress, anger, &
strengthen your
relationships with
your ex and your kids.

4. Learn to connect more deeply with your children

  • Learn how to adapt exclusive tools and strategies from the CNS Negotiation curriculum to improve relationships and create a deeper, more meaningful connection with your kids.
  •  Develop better insights and intuition about your kids so you can recognize when they might be struggling, need help, guidance, or support early; then take action to avoid or reduce potential long term damage and consequences.
  • Learn to recalibrate, change, and improve interactions with your ex by modifying the CNS effective communication skills, tactics, and insights you’re gaining.

5. Comprehensive proprietary resources & access.

  • A customized copy of our exclusive DDTPR workbook.
  • A signed perfect bound or hardback[5] copy of Beyond Negotiating: "From Fear To Fearless” the Step 1 foundational book by Derrick Chevalier (Complete “Relentless Action” exercises to deal with fear & frustration).
  •  A signed hardback copy of EVOLVE Or Be Slaughtered: Negotiation For The 21st Century, by Derrick Chevalier (Apply these skills in your personal & business interactions).
  • A signed hardback copy of Beyond Negotiating: Influence Rapport Results, by Derrick Chevalier (Learn how to use influence to resolve conflicts and reduce competitive behavior in others).
  • Access webinars, eBooks video content and other related resources from the DDTPR website.
  • 24/7 online support community

6. 1/1 live consulting/coaching with Derrick Chevalier.

  • Two full hours (scheduled in 30 minute increments) for cohort participants. 5 hours for private participants devoted totally to you! Use this time to ask questions, develop strategies or action steps that you can apply immediately.[6]
  • Weekly DDTPR Check In Zoom Sessions with Derrick Chevalier[7]

* Review your progress,
discuss strategies and

* Ask Questions or share
your thoughts and

  • Daily tips, encouragement, and insights on completing important “Relentless Action” exercises and moving toward a priceless relationship with your kids.[8]

7. Open, Assigned & Curated Cohorts For Strength & Support (Optional)

  • Exclusive DDTPR assigned or curated cohort with no more than 12 qualified parents experiencing many of the same challenges as you.
  • Weekly DDTPR Cohort Zoom Sessions[9]

8. Community: A network of like minded individuals for support and encouragement

  • Connect with other parents facing similar challenges.
  • Build a support network for guidance, support, and friendship.
  • Family involvement opportunities.[10]

9. Flexibility that Fits Your Life

  •  Weekly open/optional DDTPR Cohort Zoom Sessions for extra support and interaction with other DDTPR participants.[11]
  •  The DDTPR program is designed to fit into your busy schedule without compromising quality or impact.
  •  24/7 Emergency support hotline[12]

10. Holistic 360 approach to address key issues from many perspectives[13]

  • Emotional
  • Psychological
  • Spiritual
  • Financial

11. Confidentiality

  •  H-C, Inc. maintains strict confidentiality and privacy to ensure your personal life remains personal.[14]
  •  Every DDTPR participant signs a strict confidentiality agreement & statement of understanding.[15]

12. Optional Workshops & Retreats

  •  Sometimes the best thing to do is to get away, step back, and regroup.
  •  Both virtual & live off site workshops and retreats TBA[16]

13. Long term support and Individualized options

  •  On demand 1/1 ongoing consulting available[17]
  •  Non cohort customized options available[18]



Don’t wait, cohort & individual openings are limited!


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[1] DDTPR is not a medical program, offers no medical or psychological advice or therapy. We are not licensed medical professionals and cannot prescribe or recommend regulated drugs or substances. If you are experiencing extreme emotional, psychological, or mental distress, please call 911, your doctor or a licensed therapist.

[2] Participants are responsible for completing and submitting their DDTPR CPQ prior to scheduling the Confidential Intake Review.

[3] This is part of Step 2 of the DDTPR 6 Step process.

[4] Based on proprietary insights adapted from H-C, Inc. CNS Negotiation Framework.

[5] Perfect Bound copy may be substituted, subject to inventory and/or at the discretion of H-C, Inc.

[6] Phone/Zoom Calls are scheduled at your convenience in 30-minute increments through the DDTPR online booking portal.

[7] Check in zoom calls are 15 minutes, scheduled weekly during the first two months of your DDTPR cohort. Thereafter calls are TBA.

[8] Daily Tips are recorded live messages and comments from Derrick Chevalier, and/or other trusted sources and/or relevant professionals. See #1 Above.

[9] Cohorts work best when all members attend. Sessions are required during the first two months of the program, for those who select the cohort option. 1/1 private participants are not required to attend, but have the option to do so.

[10] Family interactions may include Moms & Kids, Moms Only, Dads & Kids, Dads Only, Kids, and Ex’s etc.These opportunities are optional and are scheduled on a TBA basis and/or twice per year.

[11] While participation in weekly cohorts is required during the first two months, life happens and there may be times when you just can’t make it to your cohort meeting, or when you want or need additional support or interaction, with other members of DDTPR. To accommodate these circumstances, DDTPR offers one optional open to all cohort zoom meetings weekly.

[12] Hotline may not be exclusively for DDTPR participants but may include referral to other appropriate hotlines.

[13] See #1 Above.

[14] H-C, Inc. is not responsible for unforeseen data hacks and/or breeches out of its control (See our Terms & Conditions).

[15] H-C, Inc. is not responsible for unforeseen data hacks and/or breeches out of its control (See our Terms & Conditions).

[16] Virtual and offsite workshops & retreats are optional and announced on a TBA basis.

[17] Contact 818 242-8005 for details.

[18] Contact 818 242-8005 for details.