The DDTPR program is designed to provide you with a
comprehensive 6 step, multifaceted, structured cohort, 1/1 live consulting, self-propelled "Relentless Action", and zoom based, approach to mending and strengthening your relationship with your kids post-divorce. You'll learn how to create open lines of communication, understand their perspectives, and develop a renewed bond with your children. This program does not offer a quick fix; it offers a sustainable, long-term solution. Rooted in Derrick Chevalier's personal journey and professional expertise in negotiation, mediation, and conflict resolution; the program will guide you on your own journey towards a healthier, happier relationship with your kids.

The DDTPR program focuses on developing key skills & strategies from the CNS negotiation framework, Harvard Mediating Disputes, effective communication, how to neutralize fear, using the power of influence, creating & exhibiting empathy, and understanding, all of which are crucial in mending strained relationships. You'll learn how to navigate your way through difficult conversations with your children, understand their needs and feelings better, and communicate your own thoughts and feelings effectively. Moreover, the DDTPR program will help you understand the impact of divorce on children and how you, as a father, can provide the support and stability they need.

Absolutely. The DDTPR program is about more than just improving your relationship with your kids; it's about helping you navigate the challenges of single parenthood, and shared custody arrangements, including feelings of loneliness. Through this program, you'll gain strategies to manage these emotions and find fulfilment in your new role as a single parent. This includes tips on self-care, balancing parental responsibilities, and building a support network, starting with the opportunity to learn from and share with the other members of your dedicated DDTPR cohort, men who are going through some of the same feelings & challenges as you, but who may have different insights, and wisdom, just as you will have insights and wisdom to share with them.

Remember, the DDTPR program was born out of my personal journey from a disastrous divorce to a priceless relationship with my kids, and I believe it can guide you through your own journey too.

A core aspect of the DDTPR program is fostering a deeper understanding of your children's experiences and perspectives. This empathy is crucial to rebuilding and nurturing a meaningful relationship with your kids post-divorce. You'll gain insights into their needs, fears, and concerns, which in turn, will help you better support them during this transition period, and long after.

There is simply no program or approach like the DDTPR program because it differentiates itself by being deeply rooted in personal experience, coupled with years of professional expertise in the CNS Negotiation framework, Harvard Law Mediating Disputes concepts, Conflict Resolution, and hosts of other books, studies, and resources. This isn't just theory; it's a program that embodies lessons learned from a real-life journey through divorce to a priceless relationship with kids. Moreover, it doesn't offer a quick-fix solution, but a sustainable, step-by-step process to help you forge a lasting, meaningful bond with your children.

Yes, the DDTPR program provides guidance on creating a structured, balanced routine for your children, considering their emotional and psychological needs. This routine aims not only to provide consistency for your kids but also to create opportunities for meaningful interaction and bonding time between you and them.

  • No matter how young or how old your kids are they are still your kids, and they can still be adversely impacted by the separation and divorce of their parents. Obviously, their age will be an important area of consideration as you move through each of the six steps, and take specific actions to heal and rebuild your relationship as will other factors. But age itself should not stop you from participating in the DDTPR program.
  •  The strategies, skills, and techniques you will learn can be adapted and applied to children in all different age groups. The principles of open communication, empathy, and understanding are universally applicable.

The DDTPR program is designed with flexibility in mind. 

While the program does have a structured roadmap, you'll have some ability to progress at your own pace. 

At a minimum you'll want to reserve 45-1 hour per day for Relentless Action (RA).

For additional details and specifics schedule your free, no obligation consult today.

The DDTPR program is designed primarily for parents who are divorced, have children, who are deeply committed to creating priceless relationships with their kids. However, its principles and techniques are broadly applicable and can benefit any parent, or couple seeking to improve their relationships with their children.

Yes, the DDTPR program includes and encourages interaction between participants both inside and outside of their DDTPR Cohort. Sharing experiences and learning from others who are navigating similar challenges can provide additional insights, support, encouragement during your journey.

The DDTPR programs revolutionary approach strategically combines insights from personal experience, together with divorce care best practices, along with relevant principles, tools, resources and proprietary concepts from the CNS Negotiation Framework, Harvard Law School's Mediating Disputes program, as well as, tenets and principles from an enormous range of other conflict resolution & divorce care related pillars. Together, the DDTPR program is a conscientiously curated blend of tools and methodologies that include our DDTPR Confidential Participant Questionnaire (DDTPR-CPQ), our preliminary intake process, Live Cohort Intensives (LCI), 1/1 consults, group discussions, self-guided learning exercises/materials and much, much more. This multifaceted process caters to different learning styles, and ensures you'll have the opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the principles and techniques being shared and suggested.

You can enroll in the DDTPR program through our website or by contacting our support team. We offer different cohorts throughout the year, so it's best to check the specific enrollment deadlines for the upcoming session that fits your schedule.

  1. Click this link: https://hcconsulting.as.me/DDTPR  
  2. Fill out the form at the bottom of the FAQ page to receive a link to our calendar where you can schedule your free, no obligation call.
  3. Call 818 242-8005 and leave your contact information.
  4. Send an email to [email protected], with a brief message.

The primary requirement is being a divorced father with children, (Cohorts for Women, Couples/Ex's, Kids, & Professionals who may want to adapt DDTPR into their practices to be announced in the near future). However, a commitment to actively participate and willingness to embrace change and growth is essential to benefit fully from the DDTPR program.

Also, the DDTPR program may not be suitable for everyone, and not everyone who applies, will be accepted (Subject to the discretion of DDTPR & Harrison-Chevalier, Inc. management).

Prospective participants who believe that their divorce is solely the fault of their ex, for example, regardless of the circumstances of their situation, are not likely to be a good fit for the DDTPR program.

Anyone whose attitude is extremely hardened, or who is inflexible will likely not be a good fit either.

That is not to say that participants may not feel angry, and/or have reason to be angry, prior to starting the DDTPR program, it is to say that if our anger is dominating so much space in our heart and mind that we cannot, or will not open ourselves up to the possibilities of change, and compromise, then it is not likely that a person with that mindset is going to be successful in the DDTPR program.

In a nutshell, the DDTPR program is seeking fathers who want a priceless relationship with their children, as much, or more than they want the anger, frustration, and separation that has been caused by their divorce. 

When things get tough, when no light is visible during the process, it will be your strong commitment, and desire to create a priceless relationship with your kids, that will keep you going, and help you fight the urge to give up.

 We certainly understand the importance of ensuring the program is the right fit for you. That's why we offer a free no obligation call, introductory zoom meetings , our FAQ page, and much more to provide insight into the program's structure and philosophy.

We also offer a generous refund policy which is explained in our terms and conditions prior to your enrollment.

Simply schedule your free, no cost, no obligation, consult , read through the FAQ, review the founders background and qualifications, kick the tires, look under the hood, if the program isn't right for you, we want to do everything in our power to make it right.

Yes. The DDTPR program aims to equip you with the knowledge and tools to recognize and mitigate the potential negative psychological impacts of divorce on your children by promoting open communication, understanding, and encouraging the growth of emotional intelligence. Further, the DDTPR program includes lots of resources, tools, strategies, and encouragement to help you provide a stable, nurturing environment for your kids after the divorce, step by step.

That said, the DDTPR is by no means all encompassing as every family, every dad, and every situation are unique. In addition to learning new skills, and moving through the 6 Steps, additional resources, and support may need to be combined with DDTPR in order to truly maximize your efforts to create priceless relationships with your kids.

Absolutely! The DDTPR program includes a variety of digital resources, tools, and templates that you can continue to use post-program. We believe in equipping you with sustainable strategies that support your long-term success.

There are also a number of tailored post program options including 1/1 consults with Derrick Chevalier, access to online resources, interactions with members of your cohort and more resources and post program opportunities are being added on a continuous basis.

While the main focus of the DDTPR program is on relationships and emotional well-being, we do touch on the financial aspects of divorce, providing resources and guidance on how to communicate and make decisions around finances to minimize stress and conflict within the family.

Financial issues can be a challenging element during and after divorce, and each DDTPR participant's situation and circumstances will be different, so there is no one size fits all on this and many other DDTPR topics.

That said, founder Derrick Chevalier endured exceptionally difficult issues around finances during both of his divorces, so he is well aware, and deeply sensitive about this issue.

DDTPR understands that money and finances can be used as powerful weapons during and after divorce, so having the tools, and the capability of mitigating those issues is of the utmost importance.

Here again, the content and connection between DDTPR and many of the tools, strategies, and insights from the CNS Negotiation Framework, can be tailored to help navigate the financial landscape of divorce, while moving toward that priceless relationship with our kids.

Through the DDTPR program, you'll learn techniques to communicate more effectively with your kids, expressing your feelings in a way they can understand and respond to. The program will help you reassure them of your love and unwavering commitment, despite the changes brought about by divorce.

Absolutely. The DDTPR program includes guidance, and insights on navigating these special occasions. But you might find that advice, experiences and insights from those in your DDTPR Cohort are invaluable for handling these situations. Also this might be something you'll want to address in your Relentless Action, (RA) preparations, and/or a topic you might want to address during your 1/1 with Derrick Chevalier and/or with members of your DDTPR Cohort.

No easy answer here..The simple truth is that the primary focus of the DDTPR program is to walk through the six steps with the goal of creating a priceless relationship with your kids. However, we understand that the challenging and oft times tumultuous topic of whether, when, or how to navigate introducing new partners or step-parents into your children's lives is a BIG one. We also understand that solutions and situations vary greatly so that what is right and workable for one DDTPR participant, won't work for another. And while we are going to address this topic during a cohort zoom session, you might also want to devote some time from your 1/1 call to address this topic. You will also be encouraged to read, and work through some of the resources provided on introducing new partners/people into your kids lives. And if you still need or want to address the topic further, you will have the opportunity to book additional 1/1 consults with Derrick Chevalier to address both the topic, and your situation specifically. Bottom line, whatever you decide to do, the DDTPR program is going to encourage you to make the needs and wellbeing of your kids a VERY high priority.

Yes, the principles and strategies taught in the DDTPR program are designed to be adaptable, recognizing that every family's situation and dynamics are unique.

The DDTPR program offers in-depth resources, guidance, strategies, and tools for helping you set clear, consistent, and fair boundaries and rules at home. This includes strategies for communicating these expectations with your children and ex-spouse and ensuring they align with your goal of achieving a priceless relationship with your kids.

Yes, DDTPR understands that children can sometimes show favoritism or take sides (Just as some parents do) it's an understandable component during the divorce process.

That's why learning CNS Effective Communication techniques and strategies, along with understanding things like the difference between persuasion and influence, offers practical tailored options on how to handle these situations with sensitivity and fairness, always keeping your child's best interest, and your desire to create a priceless relationship in mind.

The DDTPR program includes tools and strategies that can and should be tailored for each child's age and emotional needs, understanding that children of different age groups have unique needs and understandings of divorce. That is another benefit of DDTPR's proprietary approach which includes resources, guidance and insights from the CNS Negotiation Framework, so you can develop new ways to communicate and connect with your child in a way that's developmentally, and emotionally appropriate, depending on each child's communication style, preferences, and needs.

The curriculum is a combination of both. It's based on extensive psychological research and complemented by real-life experiences and professional expertise in CNS negotiation, mediation, conflict resolution, cohort interactions, 1/1, and other resources providing a well-rounded, effective program.

Each participant's journey in the DDTPR program is personalized and dependent on the effort, commitment, and work you invest in the process.

Elements such as the preliminary DDTPR Confidential Participant Questionnaire (DDTPR-CPQ), Fear To Fearless, Relentless Action (RA) exercises, written homework, participation in the DDTPR Cohort, weekly 1/1 check in call with Derrick Chevalier, are all designed to help you tailor your experience and journey to reflect your unique situation. 

Therefore, the more you invest, the more you commit, the more you do, the smarter you work, the more tailored, and the more effective your experience. 

Every DDTPR participant's experience is going to be unique, every kid's needs are unique, every family's situation is unique, so the DDTPR journey to healing, and to a priceless relationship with your kids should be tailored accordingly.

You've got to do the work, you've got to make the commitment, and when you do, the DDTPR program will act as a "...bridge over troubled waters...", toward a priceless relationship with your kids.

Yes, the DDTPR program is designed to be adaptable for parents with children of all age ranges. DDTPR includes strategies, tools, and insights that can be tailored so they are age appropriate to ensure you're able to connect and communicate effectively with each of your children, regardless of their age or developmental stage.

We aim for 100% satisfaction, but if you're not satisfied with the program, we offer a refund policy details of which are outlined in our program terms and conditions.

Yes, a major focus of the DDTPR program is helping participants navigate through their feelings of guilt or regret. We provide tools and strategies to process these feelings constructively, enabling you to move forward.

Yes, the DDTPR program is thoughtfully designed to be beneficial for fathers who have either joint or sole custody of their children. It recognizes the unique challenges and dynamics associated with both custody arrangements and provides tailored strategies and insights to navigate them effectively.

For fathers with joint custody, the program offers resources and guidance on how to create and maintain open communication with an ex-spouse, on things like coordinating schedules, and working together to ensure the children's well-being.

For fathers with sole custody, the same resources and strategies can be tailored toward managing the full responsibilities of parenting, finding support, handling legal aspects, and ensuring a positive environment for children to thrive.

In both scenarios, the DDTPR program is committed to helping you build and maintain priceless relationships with your children, regardless of the custody situation, while also providing the support and tools necessary to foster personal growth and resilience post-divorce.

Absolutely. In fact, continuing with personal therapy or counseling can often complement the work you do in the DDTPR program. These approaches can work in harmony to provide you with a comprehensive support system during this challenging time and beyond.

Absolutely. Clear, compassionate, and age-appropriate communication is key in helping children understand and navigate the changes that come with divorce. The DDTPR program focuses extensively on developing these communication skills.

Yes, a core part of the DDTPR program involves helping you manage and process your emotions post-divorce. We provide strategies and tools to handle emotional distress, guilt, regret, and other challenging emotions effectively.

The heart and soul of the DDTPR program comes from a combination of founder Derrick Chevalier's experience and journey through two difficult divorces, along with his over two decades of training and experience as the creator of the CNS Negotiation Framework (The only universally adaptable negotiation framework created in and for the 21st century and beyond). 

Derrick spent fourteen years working with the renowned negotiation expert Dr. Chester Karrass, the creator of the Karrass Effective Negotiation Seminar, the largest and most prolific negotiation training course in the world.

After leaving Karrass Derrick spent more than two years, conducting research, reading, writing, testing, and developing the CNS framework.

And as Executive Vice President of Harrison-Chevalier, Inc., Derrick has worked worldwide with hundreds of companies, and thousands of individuals, across virtually every business sector and profession, not only training, but as a consultant providing specific proprietary strategies and solutions for everything from hostage situations, divorce, buying, selling, real estate (He is a licensed California Real Estate Broker ) promotions, mediation and much, much more.

Add to that certification from Harvard Law Schools Mediating Disputes program, his work with the Center for Conflict Resolution, and his pro-bono work with non-profit organizations such as Para Los Ninos, The Children's Institute , and other organizations, and you have someone who is uniquely qualified to combine all of that experience, training and capability together to create the DDTPR program, the only program and approach of it's kind in the world.

Everyone connected with the DDTPR program shares Derrick's commitment and desire to see you achieve a priceless relationship with your kids.

Remember, one of the fundamental aspects of the CNS Negotiation Framework, is that every human interaction involves some aspect of negotiation. Not the transactional haggling that most people think of when buying or selling a house or a car, but the substantive and complex interaction of body, mind, heart, and soul when human beings come together, or don't come together, or clash, when working out difficult issues and relationships. 

Divorce is DIFFICULT, it can be devastating, especially on our kids, we get broken, our kids, get broken, and the while the journey from that brokenness to a priceless relationship, is not easy, it is possible. 

The DDTPR program is designed as a unique vehicle for making that journey and conquering those relationships. If that is what you want for yourself and for your kids, join us, and let's make it happen.

For additional details on Derrick's background and education please visit his linkedin profile here: 

The timeline for improvements varies depending on individual circumstances and the level of commitment to the program. However, most participants start seeing positive changes within a few weeks of diligently applying the DDTPR 6 Step principles and strategies included in the program.

Yes, you can join the DDTPR program at any stage in the divorce process. Some of the strategies and insights provided can be particularly helpful in navigating the challenges of an ongoing divorce process.

Absolutely. Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. All information shared during the DDTPR program is kept strictly confidential and is used solely to facilitate your progress within the program.

Prior to the onboarding process you'll be asked to read and sign DDTPR's Confidentiality Agreement, which in part states that anything and everything shared in the DDTPR Cohort, and anything shared during your 1/1 calls is strictly confidential and used only in relationship to your participation and completion of the DDTPR 6 Steps program.

Yes, H-C, Inc. offers a wide range of post-program support for the DDTPR program, such as of follow-up coaching/consulting sessions, email support, digital resources, and access to a private community of program alumni for shared experiences and advice. We also offer a variety of customizable options and a variety of other programs and support possibilities. For specific insights that fit your objectives and goals schedule a no obligation appointment, email [email protected], or call 818 242-8005.

Definitely. The DDTPR program understands that each child may react differently to divorce and provides guidance on managing relationships with multiple children, each with their unique needs, emotions, and perspectives.

Keep in mind however, that in order to pursue priceless relationships with each of your kids, you may want or need to invest additional time and effort and do the work (Relentless Action exercises for example) for each of your kids separately.

Given that the situation for each DDTPR participant is unique, there are an infinite number of ways to tailor or craft the best approach for you, and for your situation. While some DDTPR participants might choose to focus on learning the six steps as related to one of their children first, (And then apply the steps, or at least some of them with their other children after they are more familiar with the DDTPR 6 Step process); other DDTPR participants are going to take (or create) a hybrid approach of their own design (Hopefully with the guidance and support of the DDTPR team, as well as any other trusted advisors they are utilizing), regardless of the approach you choose, the goal is to determine, and do whatever is in the best interest of creating a priceless relationship with each of your children at the end of the day.

Your progress will be monitored through regular check-ins, self-assessment tools, feedback during 1/1 calls with Derrick Chevalier, as well as, feedback from your DDTPR Cohort. This ensures that you're making continuous strides in the right direction, and allows for any necessary adjustments in your approach. Combined these elements should ensure that you continue to grow forward step by step, toward that priceless relationship with your kids.

Yes, the DDTPR program includes strategies to reduce or neutralize the combative dynamics of so many post-divorce relationships with ex-spouses. This is just one of many proprietary elements where CNS negotiation tools and concepts can be invaluable in the process of creating and facilitating healthy, respectful, and effective communication with your ex-spouse, or partner.

The DDTPR program combines the benefits of both group (DDTPR Cohort) and 1/1 consulting. DDTPR Cohort sessions allow for shared learning experiences, while 1/1 consulting ensures that your unique needs and circumstances are addressed. Plus, opportunities for ongoing consulting and support are also available be sure to ask about this during your free no obligation call , just click the "contact" tab above to schedule, or call 818 242-8005.

 A dedicated DDTPR Cohort Participant (CP) should expect to invest about 30 minutes to one hour per day for Relentless Action (RA) exercises and homework, especially during the first month of the program. In addition, you'll want to attend your weekly DDTPR cohort zoom (CZ), as well as, your 1/1 check in call with Derrick Chevalier. Depending on your goals, commitment, and other factors, more or less time may be required to achieve the "...highest and best..." relationship with your kids.

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