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Disastrous Divorce To Priceless Relationship With Your Kids 6 Steps (DDTPR), is an outgrowth of my own experience.

Above all of the professional accolades and academic credentials detailed in my vita , the most important fact about DDTPR is that the I've lived through the pain of two complex and challenging divorces, I've walked through the fire of relational fallout with my ex's and with my children.

And although the emotional, psychological, and physical scars of those experiences still remain ever-present reminders of a tumultuous past, I'm here to tell you that those scars do not have to dictate your future, nor your children's future.

From the ashes of two devastating separations, I've painstakingly built a priceless relationship with my kids. It wasn't a quick fix, nor an easy journey, but one thing kept me going – my unyielding commitment to ensuring that the memories of a tumultuous divorce did not shape my children's lives disproportionately. This journey is the bedrock upon which the Disastrous Divorce To Priceless Relationship With Your Kids 6 Steps (DDTPR) program stands.

I am not just the founder of the DDTPR program. I am a testament to its potency. I drew from my personal hardships and triumphs, supplementing them with therapy, counciling, friends, books, other resources, and extensive professional expertise in the CNS Negotiation Framework, Conflict Resolution, and Mediation.

For decades, I've devoted my professional life to understanding human interaction and the art of negotiation. As the author of the Comprehensive Negotiating Strategies (CNS) Framework and the Beyond Negotiating book series , I've consistently emphasized the importance of empathy, understanding, and strategic communication in fostering the ‘highest and best outcomes’.

Furthermore, my years of mediating diverse disputes, culminating in a Harvard University certification, allowed me to apply principles of mediation on a broader, more complex scale. All this experience helped me heal and rebuild my own relationships after divorce and the DDTPR program, along with your hard work and dedication just might allow you to do the same.

Midway into my career, I had the privilege to work as a Seminar Facilitator under the tutelage of Dr. Chester Karrass , a renowned negotiation expert, an experience that further honed my skills. However, the essence of the DDTPR program is not just these professional accomplishments; it's the personal journey I've undertaken, a journey that has allowed me to guide others from a place of empathy and experience.

So, if you're determined to turn the tide of your relationship with your children during, or post-divorce, I invite you to join me in the DDTPR program. As someone who's walked this path, I assure you that it's not about erasing the past, but about learning from it and using it as a foundation for a better future. Because, just like me, you want the best possible outcome for your children, and for yourself. Together, let's make it happen.

While my company Harrison-Chevalier , Inc., operated under a contract, working under Dr. Karrass's mentorship, traveling around the world, working with clients, and companies from every business and professional sector, allowed me to experience first-hand the dynamics of the Karrass Effective Negotiation Framework . This was invaluable in not only shaping my professional career but also opened my eyes to the vast insights and resources beyond Karrass.

Despite the high points of my career and the accolades I've achieved, nothing compares to the journey I embarked on with my children, mending our relationship after the whirlwind of divorce. The path wasn't easy, but I realized that the negotiation and mediation skills I employed professionally were equally valuable in navigating this personal journey (Especially since the CNS Negotiation Framework is the only proprietary, universally adaptable negotiation framework designed and built in and for the 21st century).

The DDTPR program encapsulates these hard-earned life lessons and marries them with years of professional expertise. It's a program built out of the necessity of my own experiences, backed by proven methodologies.

My objective, as the creator of DDTPR, is to guide you in turning your disastrous divorce into a valuable opportunity to rebuild stronger relationships with your kids. In the wake of a painful divorce, this program can support and equip you with the tools you need to foster better communication, mutual understanding, and long-lasting bonds with your children. And along the way, it might even improve relationships with your ex-spouse or partner.

DDTPR is a powerful multifaceted tool designed to help you move forward positively, to ensure that the pain of the past does not dominate your future, or your children's future. The DDTPR program will assist you in navigating the often-turbulent journey from divorce to a priceless relationship with your kids.

Join me in this journey. Let's transform your path, just as I did mine, from a disastrous divorce to a priceless relationship with your children. Make a commitment, make a decision that your kids are worth doing everything you can do, and together, we will navigate towards a better tomorrow. Let's talk soon!

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