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Post-Divorce Care & Divorce Parenting Consulting in Los Angeles

We are humbled to be launching our premier parents mending after divorce program based upon H-C, Inc.'s belief that regardless of marital status, the care of, and commitment to our children should last a lifetime. We know, from our personal experience, that successful after marriage relationships between parents and kids don't just happen by accident, they require focus and intention. But while unsuccessful after divorce relationships can have devastating negative consequences, successful after marriage relationships can create adaptive, thriving, dynamic, and healthy lives for divorced parents and their kids! Do you want kids who thrive after your divorce, or kids whose custody & other arrangements with your ex, or partner are fraught with daily challenges and stressful unanticipated events?

The Disastrous Divorce To Priceless Relationship With Your Kids program works with, and encourages you to develop the awareness to navigate through, or neutralize conflicts, build effective communication skills, strengthen critical thinking abilities, identify and fulfill your kids real needs, reduce feelings of anger, turn fear into positive action, reduce frustration, rebuild self esteem, trust, and much more.  

The program combines personalized online, offline activities, live and recorded elements, group and 1/1 interactions, plus consulting with DDTPR Founder Derrick Chevalier. 

Parents have options for mediation sessions, CNS training, additional consulting, practice sessions to prepare for interactions with your ex, and support for virtually any challenge you are facing as you work to build that "priceless" relationship with your kids.

That said, we believe we have created an upscale consulting and support program designed specifically for parents who are divorced, and finding that custody arrangements, finances, etc. with an ex-spouse or partner can be difficult if not heartbreaking, with daily challenges and stressful, unanticipated events. The DDTPR program is dedicated to equipping parents, who have strong mental, physical, and relational investment in their children's welfare, with a framework of strategies enabling them to achieve the quality life they, and their kids desire and deserve.

So if you are a divorced parent facing challenges with custody, health, emotional wellbeing, interaction, and especially mending kids, welcome to our program. At H-C, Inc., we invite you to contact us at (818) 242-8005, or just click here to set up a complimentary consultation because "Priceless..." relationship with your kids is possible.

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