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Color Your Life Again: Rediscover Joy With Your Kids

Our global after divorce care and consulting program is the leader and pioneer of a proprietary negotiation framework called the Comprehensive Negotiating Strategies (CNS) 360 framework. This framework was developed for the 21st century and is applicable to virtually any collaborative effort or human interaction. This framework sets us apart from other professionals working in similar fields of divorce care and consulting by focusing on strategies, tactics, and insights based on the CNS Negotiation Framework, the only negotiation framework that is applicable and adaptable to virtually any human interaction, or business sector.

Absolutely. The DDTPR program is indispensable for Moms & Dads going through divorce and struggling with the fear, anxiety, confusion often associated with divorce, or separation, ESPECIALLY when children are involved. We know that these parents need a systematic approach in order to rebuild relationships with their ex's, and their children in order to protect them from the many potentially devastating impacts that divorce can have on kids. The DDTPR program is specifically designed to bring about positive, permanent results using a personalized, 6-step multifaceted process to do just that through virtual and live training, 1/1 consulting sessions, exercises, Relentless Action activities and much more.

This program focuses on an individualized and/or small group format with offsite, live, phone, and email support, coaching, and other aspects to address unforeseen challenges that may arise, or that may be required to meet your objective of achieving the highest and best relationship possible with your kids. 

Through our multifaceted program parents gain the valuable skills necessary for forming new, post-divorce relationships with their children in order to foster their well-being. Apart from learning new tactics, tools, and strategies you are also encouraged to join our FB support group, to form lasting relationships with others going through similar challenges.

With this special program, we not only focus on “wounds that need to be healed” but also on “achieving quality long-term relationships”. We achieve this thoughtfully and incrementally using our proprietary six-step process, taking logical, measured steps toward nurturing mutually beneficial relationships between the formerly incompatible parties, and their children.

We invite you to join us on this innovative journey. Our experienced professionals will provide you with support and guidance throughout the duration of your divorce and beyond. If you are a parent who is divorced, or going through a divorce, we encourage you to schedule a free, no obligation call to see if you qualify for this powerful, innovative approach to after-divorce care and renewal, and go from Disastrous Divorce To Priceless Relationship With Your kids!

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